Parks and Recreation

300 Clement St
Cleveland, NC 27013

Park Hours

The Town Park is now open to all visitors. Please remember to abide by the CDC guidelines to protect against exposure to COVID-19.

November – January7:00 am – 4:30 pm
February – April7:00 am – 5:30 pm
May – July7:00 am – 8:30 pm
August – October7:00 am – 7:30 pm

No person except employees of the Town and law enforcement officers shall be allowed within the park after hours except by permit.

Permits: Other than those activities carried on by the Town, any activity scheduled must comply with the procedure and regulations outlined below.

Application: A person seeking issuance of a permit shall complete an application with the Town containing the following
1.      The name and address of the applicant, group or organization. 
2.      The name and address of the person (if any) sponsoring the activity.
3.      The day and hours for which the permit is desired. 
4.      The portion of the park for which the permit is desire. 
5.      An estimate of the anticipated attendance. 
6.      Any other information which the town shall find reasonably necessary for a fair determination of whether a permit shall be issued under this section.
7.      Standards for issuance. The Town shall issue a permit under this section when it is found that the:        
-Proposed activity or use of the park will not unreasonably interfere with or detract from the general public enjoyment of the park. 
-Proposed activity and use will not reasonably interfere with or detract from the promotion of public health, welfare, safety and recreation. 
-Proposed activity or use is not reasonably anticipated to incite violence, crime or disorderly conduct.  
-Proposed activity will not entail unusual, extraordinary or burdensome expense or police operation by the Town. 
-Facilities desired have not been reserved for another use at the day and hour required in the application.

Compliance with park rules: A permittee shall be bound by all park rules and regulations and all applicable ordinances fully as though the rules and regulations and ordinances were inserted in the permit.

Liability of permittee: The person to whom a permit is issued shall be liable for any loss, damage or injury sustained by any person whatever by reason of the negligence of the person to whom such permit has been issued.

Rates and Charges: The rates and charges for renting a shelter shall be established by the Town Board. A copy of the current rates and charges shall be kept on file at all times in the office of the Clerk.

Call or visit Town Hall for more information.

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